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In an urban garden, a child admires the wildflowers and long grass.


Our team combines a passion for nature with experience in architecture, academia and environmental design. Rewild My Street is led by Siân Moxon at The School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University in collaboration with graduates of the school, London business partners, MXN Architecture and Eight Versa, and marketing advisors. Our Wild Ways research study is a collaboration with co-researcher Dr Justin Webb of The School of Social Sciences and Professions, London Metropolitan University, with research assistants from the school and Oxford Brookes University. 

Siân Moxon (BSc BArch ARB SFHEA) is an associate professor of sustainable architecture and researcher in urban biodiversity at London Metropolitan University's School of Art, Architecture and Design. She is an experienced architect, UK Universities Climate Network climate-change expert, senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the author of ‘Sustainability in Interior Design’. She is a university Environment Challenge Champion and leads its Art, Architecture and Design Education Declares working group.

Stacey Cougill (CIEEM, BREEAM) is director and Sara Curtis (CIEEM, BREEAM) is principal ecologist at Eight Versa environmental consultants, who provide a range of ecology services within the built environment to help protect and enhance the biodiversity of any site.

Karen Gray is managing director of Atmos magazine and is passionate about championing environmental campaigns. Emma Steele is a marketing consultant with particular expertise in running environmental campaigns.

Jon Moxon (BSc BArch ARB) is the founder of MXN Architecture, an architectural practice that seeks to explore the fundamental relationships between architecture, community and nature through sustainable, humane design.

Dr Justin Webb is an associate professor of public health at London Metropolitan University, and an experienced public health practitioner and researcher, whose research interest is in understanding and changing behaviour to improve health and wellbeing.

Student and graduate contributors include Viktoria Fenyes, Nadia Mokadem, Rose Bartels, Paula Veleda, Magdalena Olchawska and Freya Snelling.

Window box blooming flowers.


The project is funded by the Kusuma Trust, London Metropolitan University, MIT's Pandemic Response CoLab and private donations. The Kusuma Trust choose partners who are creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, and investing in our communities and environment.

Home page image by Siân and Jon Moxon. Image includes altered photographs courtesy of Daniel Case (terrace), Super.lukas (butterfly), Didier Descouens (hoverfly), Ninjatacoshell (beetle), Peter Mulligan (woodpecker), Claus Rebler (hedgehog), Karen Arnold (Owl), Potapov Alexander/Shutterstock (great tit).

Species page image by Siân and Jon Moxon. Image includes altered photographs courtesy of Charles J Sharp (swallow), Pau.artigas (swift), Super.lukas (butterfly), Didier Descouens (hoverfly), Ninjatacoshell (beetle), George Hodan (robin), Piotr Siedlecki (sparrow), Peter Mulligan (woodpecker), Potapov Alexander/Shutterstock (great tit; hedgehog).

Habitats and Products page images by Siân and Jon Moxon and Viktoria Fenyes.

Activities page image by Viktoria Fenyes. Activities 'pattern' images by Siân Moxon and Viktoria Fenyes, except Habitat Boxes by Siân Moxon, Rose Bartels and Viktoria Fenyes.

Inspiration page 'Regional City Network' postcard image by Siân Moxon; 'London: Urban Jungle' postcard image by Siân Moxon (with altered photos courtesy of Potapov Alexander/Shutterstock, Karen Arnold, pau.artigas, Lawrence Elgar Blog, Steve Cadman, Jordan Carson-Lee/Shutterstock, Peter Church, Adrian Colston, Didier Descouens, EricIsselee/Shutterstock, Freebie Photography, J Gade/Shutterstock, Gordon, H Helene/Shutterstock, George Hodan, Gary Houston, Isarra, Nataliia K/Shutterstock, Aptyp koK/Shutterstock, Bohdan Malitskiy/Shutterstock, Nelson L, P Martin, Dennis Matheson, Dudley Miles, Luis Molinero/Shutterstock, Ninjatacoshell, Keith Pritchard/Shutterstock, Rishichhibber, Denise Schmittou, Charles J Sharp, Piotr Siedlecki, Sonicpuss/Shutterstock, Adam Soukup, Super.lukas, Tarter Time Photography, Andreas Trepte, Peter Trimming, Bryan Walker, Chris Whippet); Wild Makeover Guide contents image by Siân Moxon and Nadia Mokadem (with photos courtesy of Allik/Shutterstock, Essential Image Media/Shutterstock, Icrms/Shutterstock, Ketut Agus Suardika/Shutterstock); 'Urban Nature: benefits/concerns' diagrams by Siân Moxon and Freya Snelling. All postcards with graphic design assistant Nadia Mokadem.

Projects page image by Siân Moxon (with altered photos courtesy of Nekrasova Anastasiya, Pau.artigas, Clarst5/Shutterstock, Freebie Photograpgy, Gallinago Media/Shutterstock, Gordon, H Helene, George Hodan, Imagewell/Shutterstock, Islington Council, Peter Mulligan, Serkan Mutan/Shutterstock, Photomaster/Shutterstock, Keith Pritchard/Shutterstock, Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock, Super.lukas, Rudmer Zverver/Shutterstock).

Events page image by Molly Williams/GiGL.


All banner photos by Siân Moxon, except About: Team by Jon Moxon, Terms by Jurate Buiviene/Shutterstock; Accessibility by Veja/Shutterstock; Resources: Species by Anon; News: Projects by Jen Petrie/Shutterstock, Events by Bernd Schmidt/Shutterstock, Awards and Publications by Stephen Blunt, Media by Trong Nguyen/Shutterstock.

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