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Rewild My Street has been recognised by the following awards:


Rewild My Street is associated with the following projects:

  • Wild Ways: combining design research and behavioural science to develop strategies for community-based urban rewilding.

  • London Met Lab: Environment: working with community partners (eg Islington and Hammersmith & Fulham councils, and Liliesleaf Trust) to address the capital's environmental challenges through knowledge exchange.

  • Urban Rewilding Research Network: cross-disciplinary networking with academics exploring urban nature. 

  • Islington Greener Together: working with Islington Council, local community groups & consultant partners on 'Highbury Fields Play Street' pilot rewilding project.

  • Imagining The Post-Covid City: rethinking on how sustainable, resilient, liveable, and just cities can be built for urban futures that nurture human-nature relationships.

  • London National Park City: making the capital greener, healthier and wilder.


Rewild My Street is involved in the following events:



Rewild My Street has authored the following publications:

  • Moxon, Sian et. al., 'Wild Ways: a scoping review to understand urban-rewilding behaviour in relation to adaptations to private gardens', Cities & Health (06 June 2023):

  • Webb, Justin & Moxon, Sian, 'A study protocol to understand urban rewilding behaviour in relation to adaptations to private gardens', Cities & Health, 7:2, Special issue: Biophilic Cities, 273-281 (2023):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Rewilding Islington' in Evidence Repository: Case studies, National Centre for Academic and Cultural Exchange (Autumn 2022):

  • Moxon, Sian, '"Rewild My Street": a model for biodiverse, community-led urban redevelopment.', in (eds. McVicar, Mhairi et al) Generosity and Architecture. Routledge, London (2022), Chapter 8:

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  • Moxon, Sian, 'London Met Lab: Environment launches knowledge-exchange talks', London First (15 December 2021):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Managing Eco Anxiety', London Metropolitan University (16 November 2021):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Rewild the Streets': Innovations from the Post-COVID-19 City Colab (August 2021):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Rewild My Street' in (ed. Rodgers, Paul), What Design Research Does...' cards, AHRC (24 June 2022):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Rewilding the Post-Covid City’, EURA Conversations, 27 (21 June 2021):

  • Moxon, Sian, 'Beauty and the beast: confronting contrasting perceptions of nature through design', The Urban Transcripts Journal, 4:1 (Spring 2021):

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  • Moxon, Sian, 'Rewild my Street!', Bumble, 3 (Autumn 2019), pp. 24-31:  

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  • Moxon, Sian & Jon, 'A wildlife vision for National Park Cities', Wildlife Gardening Forum (2017): 

Rewild My Street has featured in the following publications:

  • Tuke, Amanda, 'Greener Cities: A guide to the plants on our pavements', Pesticide Action Network (July 2023), p.13:

  • Tree, Isabella & Burrell, Charlie, 'The Book of Wilding: A Practical Guide to Rewilding, Big and Small', Bloomsbury (March 2023):

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  • Debcquet, G et al, 'Bringing nature into private urban housing: Environmental, social and food connections for urban resilience', (December 2022): Cities, 131

  • King, Simon (host), Pettorelli, Nathalie, 'How urban rewilding could boost wildlife and fight climate change', Naturespace with Haith's, Haith's, (21 October 2022):

  • London Metropolitan University, ‘London Met students to plant over 400 trees’ (21 October 2022):

  • London Metropolitan University, ‘Major grant for London Met rewilding research’ (17 October 2022):

  • London Metropolitan University, ‘Generosity and architecture’ (05 October 2022):

  • Kusuma Trust, 'Rewilding urban streets, gardens and homes' (04 October 2022):

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