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The image is a collage depicting a future park in London with more diverse and inclusive species selection, with birds, bugs, insects, and planters co-existing with the human population.

Rewild My Street is associated with the following projects:

  • Wild Ways: combining design research and behavioural science to develop strategies for community-based urban rewilding.

  • London Met Lab: Environment: working with community partners (eg Islington and Hammersmith & Fulham councils, and Liliesleaf Trust) to address the capital's environmental challenges through knowledge exchange.

  • Urban Rewilding Research Network: cross-disciplinary networking with academics exploring urban nature. 

  • Molenbeek for Brussels 2030: collaborative bid for the city of Molenbeek and the Region of Brussels to host the European Capital of Culture celebration in 2030.

  • Islington Greener Together: working with Islington Council, local community groups & consultant partners on 'Highbury Fields Play Street' pilot rewilding project.

  • Imagining The Post-Covid City: rethinking on how sustainable, resilient, liveable, and just cities can be built for urban futures that nurture human-nature relationships.

  • London National Park City: making the capital greener, healthier and wilder.

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